RKH Pearls

Single Oysters

This an oyster that contains a single pearl.
You will NOT receive the oyster, only the pearl after we do a reveal on Facebook live.
We strive to provide quality products and disclose upfront industry knowledge that isn't always disclosed to buyers. We want you to understand how the pearl industry works and how many sellers misrepresent their products.
We consider our items to be fashion/costume jewelry. We do not grade our items, so we do NOT consider our products to be fine jewelry unless we specifically state it.
We make no guarantees on the quality or source of the pearl. We attempt to bring you the highest quality product possible, but we rely on our vendors to provide the quality and source they claim.
Pearls can come from fresh or salt water, we attempt to disclose the source when possible. We attempt to get our oysters from sources that grow them in oysters, but we can not guarantee the supplier did not grow the pearl in a muscle and transplant.
Colors are a surprise, we can not guarantee vendors do not color the pearls. If we know about it, we'll disclose it.

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